Traditional Retail

Traditional Retail Payment Processing

We are here to make sure that you never have to worry about being ripped off. You can expect us to: Offer the lowest rate available from the correct processor.

POS Systems

We offer customized solutions for all types of business environments to maximize their efficiency and improve operations. Our POS systems give you the tools you need to successfully manage your business. Scalable, flexible, and secure: you can count on us to help maintain your business systems functioning at top performance.

Our promises: development, implementation and support.

  • A broad variety of POS terminals all including fraud protection with security features including EMV acceptance.
  • Connectivity options that work for you; connect via the Internet using your existing broadband service, dial-up, or wirelessly with a Wi-Fi option on most POS equipment.
  • Easy-to-use, dependable and affordable integrated payment systems to help streamline your business for greater profitability.
  • Industry-leading POS financing and distribution opportunities for equipment inventory, repair, deployment and service.

Wireless & Mobile Terminals

You will never miss a sale. We offer several mobile payment solutions, from mobile terminal solutions to a mobile app that allows you to easily and securely accept payments through virtually any mobile device.

  • Conduct business on the go with wireless terminals
  • Accept payments with your smart phone or tablet
  • Redeem paperless coupons and loyalty offers
  • Attract new customers with leading technology

POS Terminals & Peripherals

We make it possible for your business to accept virtually every payment option.

  • Comprehensive POS Terminal Payment Options
  • Multi-layered Security Features
  • Unsurpassed POS Device Reliability
  • Commitment to Innovation


Integrated Payment Systems

You can easily get an all-in-one system for your processing and inventory needs. In addition, we offer a virtual terminal solution with POS software that enables your PC to accept payments—quickly, conveniently and with the security you need.

  • Effective industry-specific POS solutions
  • POS software maximizes PC payment acceptance
  • Easily train employees to use new POS solutions

Why Us?

Offer the lowest rate available from the correct processor

We represent five processors – 95% of all other agents represent only one processor. We align the merchant with the processor that will best service the merchant’s particular business. Our agent fees are the same with all processors, so we have no financial motive to place a merchant with any specific processor.

Present flexible payment options

Our integrated payment services are right for most every type of business. Whether you operate a restaurant, retail store, or provide services, we can streamline your payment processing. Our payment processing is ready to use with your choice of POS, terminal, or mobile device, and you can count on us for faster transactions, easier reconciliation, fewer errors and chargebacks, and round-the-clock support.

Provide free merchant account rate review, transaction analysis and savings proposal

No matter what your business needs, we have the tailored merchant credit card processing solution for you, coupled with a secure payment gateway that eliminates third-party companies. We perform a thorough analysis at no charge to identify the credit card processing services that best match your business nature, and propose a savings schedule that guarantees to boost your bottom-line profitability. We then implement these solutions seamlessly into your current business process, and provide customer support 24/7.

Take the confusion out of rates

We do not sell merchant account processing, we “consult” and determine the best solution for a merchant’s electronic payment processing methods.

We simply make payment processing pain-free

  • Lower overall processing fees
  • Customized pricing schedules
  • 24/7 technical support and customer services
  • No application, setup, or cancellation fee
  • No long-term contract
  • Access to all the best equipment and processing solutions at the lowest cost.
  • We come to the merchant’s door and take care of everything!

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