Payment Processing

Payment service providers bring all financial parties together to deliver a simple payment experience for merchants and their customers by processing payments quickly and efficiently. Invisible to most but essential to all. Payment service providers make modern commerce possible. A payment processor acts as the mediator between merchants, consumers, card brand networks and the financial institutions to process electronic payment transactions. Clients needs and rates may vary based on their merchant transaction history, industry risk level, or other contributing factors.

Every business that accepts credit and debit cards needs payment processing services. Our customized payment solutions are tailored to each individual client and are guaranteed to elevate stress in your business and save you money. We’ve assembled a vast partner network of card processing, POB and POS companies, thus allowing us to seamlessly integrate with existing POS systems and provide access to the latest technology for our clients.

Our goal is to educate our clients on all things payments and bridge the gap between business owners and essential service providers. Unfortunately, the payments space can be very lucrative, by nature, and consist of large discrepancies in rates and solutions. We work with five of the nations largest processors, while 95% of all other agents only represent one. This allows us to align the merchant with the processor that will service that particular business best.

We service almost all industries, business types, and have the ability to integrate with the large majority of POS systems.

Creative. Reliable. and Always: Client First. This is the method in which we operate.

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