Each merchant account can only direct funds to one bank account. You would need to open a second merchant account.

If you are a retail business and do a lot of face-to-face transactions, a POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal is best for you. Mainly because you are able to swipe the card and you also get signed customer receipts; hence you obtain a better discount rate due to lower risk. If you do business over the Internet, a Gateway or Virtual Terminal would be best. For mail order or telephone order business, either a terminal or Gateway can be used. A Gateway has a ‘virtual terminal’ built in that allows you to log in and process transactions like a terminal online – you can perform these transactions at any computer that has Internet access.

The terminal is pre-programmed and customized for you. Once the terminal is delivered you just have to plug it in. The PC software comes with full support package. ACCS offers frequent and immediate help desk support to all merchants.

There is an additional monthly fee to process wirelessly because the terminal is communicating over a cellular or mobile network. However, wireless transactions can mean significant rate savings to you by allowing lower risk card-present transactions. When you key in a charge, you will pay a higher rate than if the card is swiped. Your processing volume plays an important part in determining the overall financial cost, although it will save you considerable time, which may mean more quality time for yourself or with your family.

Most processors partner with gift card providers and can customize cards for each merchant. Prices vary and some processors even provide them free of charge.

A quick review of your equipment will determine if you can take advantage of current technology. Terminals of yesteryear had to use a traditional modem and phone line to dial into the processor. Using today’s technology, most terminals sold have “Dual Mode” capabilities to use a modem or IP (an Ethernet port) via any internet connection. IP Processing is fully encrypted, transactions are super fast, use little bandwidth and are less expensive to process. It is a big win for you and the processor. You can even eliminate all your expensive phone lines and save more money.

A chargeback occurs when a customer or issuing bank disputes a charge from the merchant. For example, if a customer believed they were over-charged for an item and contacted their bank to dispute the charge.

Important: If you want to dispute a chargeback, you must follow the instructions on the chargeback notification. Capital Bankcard cannot formally dispute a chargeback on your behalf, even if the cause is a technical issue.

Merchant Accounts

A merchant account is a bank account that holds funds captured from credit card transactions. The moment a credit card is processed the funds are transferred from the cardholder into the merchant account. From there, funds are settled out to a regular business bank account in about 36 hours.

It’s as easy as completing a short merchant account application! We’ll get you started, submit to the payment processor and finalize account set-up. Most accounts are approved within 24 to 48 hours.

Many processors now offer online web access for a small monthly fee or sometimes for free. Check with your processor for availability. If access isn’t offered, it may be time to review your provider.

NO, our processors handle the merchant account business of many banks. In addition, we offer a variety of outstanding terminal programs designed for the perfect fit for your business, not just a standard terminal -one size fits all piece of hardware. We provide both first class service and we work with the kinds of businesses that most banks consider risky, such as new enterprises, Internet businesses, or Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) businesses, as well as take into account your internal processing methods and efficiencies.

Yes, you do! Indeed, we keep your old merchant account active for the first month just in case. After having received your first month statements, you will request to cancel the old account. The process is easy and can be completed within minutes, at your convenience.

Credit Cards

Yes, typically for most merchants, but not by as much as you may think. The difference is usually less than 3 pennies for every $10 charged.

Once the terminal software is installed, it will be able to accept Visa and MasterCard transactions. American Express and Discover can be added to your terminal free of charge pending approval.

There is simply no reason for a business currently accepting credit cards not to accept debit cards. In some situations, debit cards are the most cost-effective form of plastic payment a merchant can accept.

Thankfully, yes! Spending time keying in transactions is old-school considering today’s technology, and you’re paying a higher rate for card-not-present transactions. There are numerous desktop software and web-based solutions available. Visit our website for details.


A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards. So a merchant account is an agreement between a retailer, a merchant bank and payment processor for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions.

If you are going to operate an e-commerce business and want to accept credit card payments online, you need at least one internet merchant account (even if you already have a merchant account, in many cases).

We eliminate the hassle by setting all of our clients up with their own true merchant account.

A Payment Gateway is a software application that communicates with the credit card company to obtain an authorization or a denial of a transaction. Think of it as a virtual credit card machine, minus the magnetic strip or chip reader. This lower level of security is one reason transaction fees for e-commerce are typically higher than for sales when the card is physically present.



Absolutely! We work in all things payments. With our network of partners and services w……………. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rates and Fees

Although there are merchant service providers out there that advertise the best and lowest rates, your Discount Rate depends on several factors that every merchant service provider is subject to. These factors include Monthly Transaction Volume, Transaction Method and what type of business you have. We offer a full analysis and quote proposal based on your current processing statements, or pertinent business information if you don’t already have a merchant account.

Naturally, accepting credit cards is not a free service. In fact, this may be the one service that has the most middlemen! Every time you accept a credit card the following people all receive a fee from the transaction:

  • Card Issuing Bank (they get the biggest cut)
  • Card Association
  • Acquirer
  • Processing Bank
  • Member Service Provider / Independent Sales Organization
  • Sales Agent

So who gets to pay these fees? The merchant, as they are the ones least in the position to ignore credit cards. Consumers can choose to use another form of payment if necessary, but merchants need to accept credit cards if they wish to stay in business.

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